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Traveling is a constant learning. Come and experience.


I am excited to announce that I’m going to take some small group tours around Spain starting in October 2021 onwards!.

Fall 2022 departures for sale.

2023 departures, coming soon!!!

It’ll be a 10 day tour staying in one location. I call it “Staycation”.
The tour will include plenty of walking, but we’ll also have the opportunity to learn the Spanish lifestyle, visit “must do” attractions, get into hidden trails, see and live out of the track sites and savor delicacies of the Spanish gastronomy.
Doesn’t this sound like an adventure?

The number of seats in each tour starts from 5 persons to a maximum of 10, Just like a family trip!
Facebook Friend me at Traveling with Jorge or click on CONTACT ME for more information and to enable me to keep you updated.
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Jorge A. Román

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